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Welcome to 7DFPS!
Please help us keep first person shooters interesting. This is our plan: On August 10-17, people from all around the world will make brand new first person shooters. We'll call it 7DFPS. 7DFPS We've done this before. Last year's 7DFPS saw hundreds of participants, tens of thousands of players and an infinite amount of new ideas: games exploring realistic gun handling mechanics, seven dimensional shooters, an fps with time running backwards, and even a couple of games without shooting ! With ideas that wild in 2012, we can't wait to see what everybody comes up with this year. Rules, FAQ, Theme Rules Make something. Theme There is no theme. FAQ Q: Can I - A: YES.. Licenses Each year engine providers generously offer keys for their technology for participants, for which we are super grateful : Unity3D : T3-CNQF-B883-XUZ5-XVA4-EKTK (Standard, Android, iOS, BlackBerry10, Team License - All Pro 4.x ) Hexels Pro : 7DFPS ( 25% discount, valid Aug 9 thru 17) 7HFPS One of the things we're very excited about is that we'll have a mini challenge called 7HFPS this Saturday, August 3. Pick any seven hours you like, create a game, and submit it to the site tagged as 7HFPS. You'll be able to warm up for 7DFPS, we'll be able to test our website, and everybody else will have some games to play while waiting for 7DFPS to start! The Website As you can see, 2013 brings a brand new website! Feel more than free to create a profile, get comfortable, introduce yourself, etcetera, and let us know if anything isn't working the way it should. We'll still be fixing things and adding features in the days running up to 7DFPS, so don't be afraid to send us feedback. Make sure to introduce yourself, so write a 'Hello World!' post! Also, take a look at the game submission tool, you can make multiple games and delete them later! You can post three different types of posts: image, video and text! Text can be included in any of these, but only in 'Text only' mode it is required to have something written! You can submit youtube videos and screenshots of your game easily! Images You can only feature one image per post. You can add more images in your post using tags and uploading them somewhere! Here are some options : IMGUR MINUS Feature information • Notifications show up next to the profile menu option when logged in • @username in a comment to notify them you are referring to them • Streams : Put `7dfps` in your twitch status to show up on the website! Anyway, have fun on our website, get comfortable, join our chat on freenode, follow us on Twitter, and join the Facebook event. Let's do this!
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