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A multiplayer FPS strategy game

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(UPDATE) Looks like I didn't set things up correctly with the master server and whatnot so nobody's server was being shown. The link has been updated with a new build. Hope this one works better. --- "Gigantic necromancers, each one as tall as a mountain, roamed the desolate landscape. They walked upon the ruins of forgotten civilizations like children's sandcastles. Legends tell of a great boredom and despair that struck the Necromancers after they learned that there were no more kingdoms to conquer. Then they made a great discovery: they could amuse themselves by playing wargames with the tiny resurrected skeletons of their former victims. They called this game...Necromancide." A multiplayer FPS/RTS hybrid. You're a gigantic necromancer, hundreds of feet tall. You build a citadel and then spawn little skeletons to go out and fight the little skeletons of other players. You can also build watchtowers and barricades for defense, and even cast spells (the 'shooter' part). Well, it's ready. Kind of. There's a few bugs and problems left in there, but hey, I made the deadline. Multiplayer-only, so please spread the word if you like it. Enjoy the game, everyone.
Rob2012 says...
Nice concept, I think uploading screenshots would really help your game because many people don't play it without seeing something first.
axelisme says...
i would like to see more work on this it is a realy good idea.
deathgrippe says...
@Rob2012: Ah, yeah, screenshots! Well, something had to slip my mind, I pushed this one out the door too soon. Well there's not much point now, the multiplayer never really did work and the master server is no longer up. Thank you for the feedback :) @axelisme: Thank you! And for anyone else who chances upon this, know that due to the terrible decision of trying to implement networking in a long-outdated version of Unity at the last minute, multiplayer will never really be working. Still, if the idea of an RTS played from the first person perspective might look like, then download and play for a few minutes. And in a few months, there might be well be a new version out :)
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