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Shooting cubes at the end of the Universe.

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“I don't know how I got here. All I know is that they have colours and want me dead.” What's Galaxel? Galaxel is a first person matching shooter where you have to kill enemies by shooting coloured cubes from beneath your feet. What's your objective? Run, kill as many enemies as you can and don't fall! Credits Galaxel is a game by Beavl. Thanks to Martínez Ruppel for the awesome concept art! HighScores thanks to Dreamlo! We used some sound effects by @Jordinewcastle & @Fin_Send Logo is based on Cube 02 font by Svetoslav Simov Beavl Web Facebook Twitter
omgosh, the concept art is super sweet. Really interesting gameplay mechanic.
Thomas says...
I like how the difficulty naturally increases as the level slowly degenerates
Geminosity says...
Love the game and the way the enemies explode or the block bounces off them uselessly is great. I like how the mechanic gives you an element of placement to worry about and you can't stand still to shoot or you'll fall through the hole you form in about 4 shots :D Only issues I had were that the WASD movement felt a bit sluggish and I died when I got stuck inside a bunch of enemies and couldn't move :P Overall though, ace stuff! :D
AndrewAPrice says...
Neat game! Great job! It ran a bit juddery on my laptop.
bio says...
Very interesting concept, indeed. FPS and a puzzle game in one, and at the same time. The issue about the WASD navigation Geminosity mentions should be addressed, I agree. Found it extremely easy to get stuck between enemies on the wrong color part, rendering me unable to move, just watch as they slowly kill me. bio
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