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Death awaits. Mirrors are your only salvation.

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Web Site: http://www.dissidentlogic.com Twitter: @DanHolbert *UPDATE* There is a new game that I'm working on. It's an action/puzzle 2D platformer the likes of which you've never seen. Check it out on my web site: http://www.dissidentlogic.com Reflections is a game where you can see enemies only in mirrors. Carefully choose your path to detect them before they detect you. Listen closely and stay sharp. Visit www.dissidentlogic.com for more (dev blog, download links, other games). Notes: On Mac, there are lighting issues, and the first level is quite dark (mac build or web build, seems to be the same as long as you're on a Mac :(). I have not tested on Linux. =========Credits========= Design: Dan Holbert, Dissident Logic Programming: Dan Holbert, Dissident Logic Ultimate FPS Vladislav Pochezhertsev (Mirror Reflection Advanced Shader on Unity Asset Store) Art: ControlFPS Ultimate FPS Music: Lucky Lion Studios Audio: Dan Holbert, Dissident Logic ControlFPS Ultimate FPS
Teh_Bucket says...
I wouldn't have thought this concept possible, but you make it work.
Bec_Bunsen says...
Interesting, I wasn't particularly excited with the concept but I must admint it works very very well ! You can really play with differents surfaces, and angles to find, to sneak through and watch your enemies. All you need is a strong art direction and make it kind of consistent. ;) Keep up the good work !
Titan says...
This game really need a model for the player since the core concept is about mirror everywhere. The mirror-bug-thing at high incidence is really annoying too, since you try to keep it in your field of view but without looking directly at it.
danarchy says...
Titan, I completely agree. A model for the player would be the first thing I'd do if I were to take this further. I probably would also scrap Unity and use something where I can get into the engine code so that I can avoid glitches like that.
Actually one of my favourites so far ! Made a gameplay video where I finish the game in 15minutes, had fun completigng the 3 levels ;) Video is here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep8-PF0hapQ Keep it up ^^
danarchy says...
I'm glad that you liked it. It was cool watching the play-through!
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