|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Match-3 Shooter
by hadesfury | submitted for 7hfps |



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Cross over between fps and match-3

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Cross over between fps and match-3 You had to remove blocks with the less bullet possible It's awesome what you can achieve in a so short amount of time … Finding an «original» idea was surely the most challenging … but more time to polish had been welcome I hope you'll have fun I can't wait to see your impressions !
Rxanadu says...
Surprised nobody has done that before... I can see it now: Portal 3 will feature an all-new match-3 mechanic. But seriously, this is awesome! Hope to see it with more polish during 7dFPS.
hadesfury says...
Thank you … short time to find a idea ! Happy it pleases you
tyen says...
I'm getting a error with the link, it says that it 'failed to download data file'
hadesfury says...
It has been fixed !
Chronodrax says...
(oops) Before starting to shoot, I thought I had to destroy the right blocks to align 3 blocks of the same color :p A sort of reminder of the colors order or the next color could help too (the color of the laser pointer ?) I agree with Rxanadu : this could be great as one game mechanic on a bigger game, exploiting further the aspect of "1st person" (walking/running/jumping through levels) while solving match-3 puzzles :p 7DFPS ?
JellyCakes says...
That was pretty interesting mechanics, a little boring thought. Make it flashier! Good job anyway
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