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You're lost in a radical '90-'00s NEO SPACEWORLD, use your collection of AOL installation disks and other various flat and round software installation circles to fly yourself home with tactical disk riding action, and install the software on your home computer. There are tons of secretz. There might even be more secrets than actual gameplay? And dude, on the real? I don't think you can handle the SECRET HARDCORE MODE RUN. More screenshotz:
ryleigh says...
so cool! - love the instructions screen - didn't realize the green pole was to open the door, spend a long time unsuccessfully trying to bounce a cd to carry me up to the side ledge (was fun though) - wish when i fell i didn't have to wait so long to respawn (tried pushing R hopefully, but that took me all the way back to the beginning)
SamoojaMies says...
This is one of my favorites. Skill based fun! Reminded me of all those trick jump maps in team fortress classic
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