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Kill Simulator
by Ronan22 | submitted for 7dfps |



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A simple,Funny Kill Simulator !

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A simple, Funny,Kill Simulator This game is made by a french guy. Named Ronan. He has 12 years old and created this game with Blender game engine. The game is in developement and, You can add mods (by yourself if you know how to use Blender) via the Blender Editor. There is no sounds but in future, If i can, I will put sounds in the game for more Success. NEW FEATURES 1.2 -New Realistic Lights -Realistic Shadows -Walls -New Realistic Platform Moving -New Ragdoll Engine -New Launch Icon MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : 302 Mb ram 1.4 ghz RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : 512 Mb ram 1.7 ghz Enjoy Playing !
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xDisastrous says...
I would download it but it says your account hasnt been validated yet, so I cant acess the File
titezo says...
Uhm When i click on mac download how do i open it up? when i click on i the ink it just asks what program so i would be happy if i knew how thx
Ronan22 says...
# titezo Simple, Open the folder near the Kill simulator Icon, you have a folder, open it, and choose the blender icon (that thing : http://svgicons.o7a.net/official/blender.png ) Hope that will help you !
Ronan22 says...
#xDisastrous Sorry to answer so late, I think it's a problem of mediafire, not of the file. Maybe you shall register mediafire. My salutations, Geek prods. (ronan22)
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