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A puzzle shooter based around the Doppelgun. Primary fire creates clones while secondary fire erases them. Has a mix of puzzles and "platforming" sections. Notes: If the player dies progress is reset back to the last checkpoint but if clones die there is no such problem. Players can pass through checkpoints but clones cannot. Tab cycles control. Shift allows you to control everyone at the same time.
voidstar69 says...
Brilliant puzzles!
Teh_Bucket says...
'Jeeves, we're done here, kindly incinerate the clones'. Was very fun, figured out what was going on and figured out the puzzles from there. Would like to see more levels.
very interesting idea! =)
mustachedIon says...
Interesting puzzles, I like the idea
Zebrazilla says...
Most definitely this was alright! Glad to see it was as long as it was without recycling the puzzles too much, I thought there was quite a bit of variety. I'd really like to see more of this, great stuff!
Several says...
Hah, yes—quite alright, sir. More than any others I've played so far for 7dfps, I think, these puzzles felt like puzzles. Impressively solid for such a short time. Three minor nits: - Being boxes, I very much wanted to stack the clones. It took me a little while to realize that no, this was not intended. It might be neat, though. - While having to quickly tab to the next clone made for a dexterity challenge, it felt a little artificial. I'd much rather click and continue holding to switch to the clone (born from the highlighted view) as soon as it comes into existence. Or toggle a mode to automatically switch control to new clones as they're born. - I somehow managed to make a clone spawn way outside the level, probably while holding shift. Was able to get rid of him by passing through a nearby checkpoint, but it could've been a bigger issue if getting rid of him weren't so easy (this concept might be usable in future puzzles, come to think—trapping clones to temporarily tighten your limits, having to find an angle to remove them).
Tayl1r says...
Thanks for the comments, everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Several, I agree with all your points. To be honest I don’t mind a bit of dexterity challenge but I agree it shouldn’t come in the form of a fiddly interface. I think the idea of holding the button to switch on impact is good although that might get confusing if you’re shooting multiple clones at once. Using 1-4 for quick select might also help and maybe I could buffer them. Ex: shoot -> "2" -> hit -> instant switch This was my first real game in Unity so I probably did a lot of bad things. The box characters (although in an ideal world these wouldn’t be boxes!) have a capsule collider because that’s what the template character class uses, and my “is this a good spot for a clone!?” checks can be dodgy at times. If one does decide to be rude and fall out of the world you can kill all clones by walking the original through a gate or dropping it into the red as a last resort. I’m not sure if I will return to this… but I do have some more ideas I would like to try.
bio says...
Great game! Fantastic concept, great visuals. I'd definitely love to see more of this game. A worthy new game of the Portal - Q.U.B.E game line. bio
bio says...
My two cents: a crosshair or any other kind of indication where the next clone will be fired would certainly be welcome. Not a great issue, but it would make the game one notch more user friendly. bio
bio says...
Man... It took me two "levels" to find out that holding the shift key I can move and fire all the existing clones - I never ever realized that I can individually move and use the clones with the tab key, of which I read about first here, in the comments... I went through the game without using it once :D bio
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