August 10-17
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Illuminascii (Formerly Roguelike FPS)
by depressing | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
They were ascii-ng for it.

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First Person Roguelike - Taking Roguelike elements and jamming them into an FPS: ASCII graphics, randomly generated enemies, random levels, randomly generated weapons. Random everything really. W,S,A,D - Movement Space - Jump Mouse 1 - Fire Mouse 2 - Pick up (Make sure you position your reticle over the item you wish to collect!) Mouse 2 + Mouse 1 - Punch r - Reload i - Open Inventory p - Pause Game esc - Quit Game (In the Inventory) i - Exit Inventory e - Use Inventory Item down arrow - Move Inventory selection down (no up movement yet, sorry!!) The exit for each level is a big green cube. When you pick up a weapon your reticle should be over it - Beware! Once you equip a new weapon, the old one is gone forever! There is no win condition currently, so I'm afraid its just an infinite dungeon at the moment! You can find the old versions originally submitted here: (pc) (mac) tweet me @depdrawers, if you like. You can also follow my progress on the ongoing development of this game at facebook :
no1dead says...
Looks pretty damn cool.
Woah! That reminds me of an old prototype we made. Awesome.
Rxanadu says...
The game was good. I've been asking everyone participating this question: what do you plan to do with this game afterwards?
fei says...
Love the music and the graphics! :D
depressing says...
Hi Rxanadu, I intend to keep developing the game, possibly for a full release
mustachedIon says...
Nice, I like the naming of enemies. But mouse sensitivity was just way too high imo... Still a fun game though, I'm enjoying this.
SamoojaMies says...
that was a cool experience! nice job
goyal says...
nice execution. I like how when you shoot nothing comes out of gun, just the sound. Was that the case, or I was dreaming?
depressing says...
Hi Goyal, technically the guns cast a ray which is invisible and instant hit, but I'm continuing the development outside of 7dfps and I added tracers tonight, which I think is a nice addition.
Darkfrost says...
Pretty cool! I got in a fight with some annoying bat or something, took like 60 shots to kill it... and then didn't even drop anything! I also got a SMG that was shot slower than the pistol... that one was confusing!
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