|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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The hands rolling dance simulator
Well, who's up for some smart voicing over my hands rolling dance? The dialogues would be " NYUURRRRHGLLGEEERRRRRRGLEEERRRRR" :D More seriously, the punching looks dumb but it works I guess... I created and animated one arm, then duplicated it. The trick is I did not animated any gestures, I only did an idle loop and a fully pulled fist loop, the rest is lerps and mecanim, and finally an animation of a reaction to a punch. It lerps from whatever the position the fist is to its reaction animation, which looks in the end like a punch. It's cool that 3 tiny animations on one arm can do for most of the whole fighting system. It feels ok with the mouse, I think I'm gonna play with the analogic triggers of a gamepad and see how it feels, since it's a first person beat them up, you don't need to aim much, I think the gamepad would feel better. Later on, you won't be able to punch from both hands at the same time, even though it could be a cheap special attack, because I plan on triggering a blocking if both input are detected, which would make him look less like an ape. If I have bonus time I'll add some "friendly" gestures for tauntings, giving very short bonus perks. Next, I'll just import the moving code from hide and seek, and begin making the enemies, and finally the environment.
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nine baobabs says...
Those disembodied arms are hilarious and awesome.
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