|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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As promised, a quick post-mortem on Repulsive Creatures. This was a solo project, using Unity. I've made a few Unity games, but I think this is my best yet, and I learnt a lot. Things that went well:
  • Good progress each day. Had a working build at end of each day.
  • Focussed on 1 core mechanic, kept the concept simple. No feature creep!
  • Got support from the 7dfps community, and tried to give some back too.
  • Found solutions to Unity issues pretty quickly.
  • Didn't spend too much time on art/sound, modified free resources where possible.
  • Random seed to generate levels (after giving up idea of designing them all by hand).
  • The 'sightline' from the gun was a late addition -- it was almost unplayable before that, like playing pool with an invisible cue :)
Things that could be improved:
  • Obviously, more level layout variety would be good. Force the player to change tactics etc.
  • Make a better enemy model, with animations.
  • Used the standard FPS controller without really understanding it - its not perfect.
  • Better lighting effects would improve depth perception for the player.
  • I notice others posted wip builds for people to play, could do this to get feedback.
  • I cut a few corners, e.g. menus/options (mouse sensitivity, FOV).
  • Some mesh clipping issues I couldn't fix.
  • Some better explosion effects, perhaps dynamic splats around the room.
  • I'd like Unity to crash less...
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