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Punch them all - Post Mortem
Okay, I guess I'll try writing a little post mortem too... I had a tight schedule, but I did not sleep the last night to finish it. Bad idea, caught cold. But at least I made it. I wanted to make a first person beat the all, just simply punch enemies, and level up. It's classic but it works. The game lacks more different enemies with varied behaviors though, a little better narration, better environment, a better purpose, and a lot of improvements can be done over time with the levelling system, maybe special attack of throws of kameha and stuff... but I did what I could within the time limit. I'm still happy with what I've done in such a small time... Compared to last year's Hide and Seek, when I could work on it full time, I think I gained a crazy amount of experience in coding. The only asset I did not create this week is obviously the modeling of the monster's mesh, but I did skin it, rigged it, animated it, and writed all his code etc... I would have added the Navmesh so they wouldn't go through walls but... maybe next year... again? XD I wonder if Markiplier would play it, as he played my last year's entry... but I guess it's not a horror game, and this one's pretty rigid compared to the other~ I think if you role play a bit, with a good voicing over the taunts, it can still be fun. So if you're a youtuber who have time to waste on my entry, you know what to do! XD Well, I might or might not dig further the first person beat them all genre. Right now I'm adding sounds, and I might make a music for it, I might also make a real environment instead of cubes and spheres with a tiling texture. I'll keep on updating it over the year maybe. I also have ideas about the inputs of special attacks, but I guess I'll figure it out over my future projects! Don't hesitate to contact me for any feedback or whatever, because I'm a lonely nerd and all. :D feili@bionic-koala.com See you next year, guys! ;)
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