|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Flipget: UPDATE GET!
After a week of people playing Flipget, some minor issues came to light, so I decided to sort them out today. This update includes: -Wider area for picking up bombs, so it is much easier to pick them up w/out the reticle being exactly on them. -Pause menu with mouse sensitivity slider. -Slightly smoother and slower rotations for less jarring platforming. -Enemy health changes. -Shrank UI to be less intrusive. Anyways. Thanks everyone who checked it out, and I hope anyone who reads this will give it a try. It seems to average about 10 minutes of play time. Click here to go to the game's page
status77 says...
It is realy nice game.
very nice
saju khan says...
i like this game
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