|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Dance: Day Three! (half day)
In spite of my plans to get up early, I had a pretty big sleep in and then got distracted by chatting with 7dfps participants and other work that I needed to get done. After my experiences with jMonkey Engine the night before, I decided to fall back to Blender's built in game engine, which I'd previously prototyped some stuff in and had a clearer picture of the features it provided. This would also simplify some of my workflow, reducing the amount of importing and exporting of assets I would need to do. My Dad dropped by for a quick visit and we got talking about how NPC character positions and dance movements would be calculated. In the same way that using concept art to explore visual elements can help solidify and round out design choices, explaining mechanics and concepts can also help fill in blanks and refine ideas. Dad offered to lend a hand with prototyping up some of the movement code. Even though it'd mean porting from Java (his language of choice) to Python (which Blender likes), I was thankful for one less thing to focus on and accepted. Character position test Later in the evening, I made a start on my tile based environment generation and decided I should go back and position the origin points of my tiles in the x, y centre and at floor level, meaning that each wall, ceiling and floor tile for a particular position would all be placed at the same point, cutting down the amount of translation calculations I'd need to do. Check here for downloads (when they become available) and other posts.
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