|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Dance: Day Four! (half day)
With a basic environment to move in, I implemented some initial WASD controls and added mouselook via a http://riyuzakisan.weebly.com/mousemove-script.html\'>mouse movement script by Riyuzakisan. I also fiddled around with some lighting. Unfortunately, Blender doesn't allow new lights to be instantiated at runtime (the commonly preferred workaround is to have a bank of inactive lights in your scene that you can move into place and turn on when needed), something I wasted a bit of time on before realising that I wasn't going to be able to do what I wanted. I created an array of lights that matched my favourite ballroom size and left those on all the time. My Dad emailed me some initial circular arrangement/dance partner code which I ported across and used to populate the scene with my dress wearing NPC. Things were starting to feel like they were coming together. Testting character rig Realising that I'd need to get my NPCs moving soon, I rigged up an armature, taking the time to make sure it would also suit the non-dress wearing character model (again with the planning for scalability) by adding bones for shirt tales and legs. I also allowed bones for hair, hats and faces, which I didn't have assets or code ready for. Even though my character model didn't have arms, I decided to include them in the armature to help me keep realistic hand positioning. It was somewhere around this point that I came to the realisation that the type of gameplay I wanted to present was similar to a sliding block puzzle (though in this case, the blocks are also all sliding around on their own). Thinking from this angle really helped bring things into focus and would shape the waythat I would approach presentation down the track. Check here for downloads (when they become available) and other posts.
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