|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Dance: Day Five! (half day)
My fifth day was mostly eaten up by preparing for a fortnightly SteamLUG audiocast that I co-host. Some members of the SteamLUG community were also interested in participating in 7DFPS, so I spent some time fleshing out ideas with them and getting a 7DFPS game profile up. The SteamLUG team's concept revolves around having a small team of live human players attempt to reach a safe zone without being caught by a ghost player who can move faster and kill on touch. The human players will have lanterns which they can use to shine on the ghost and hold it at bay, but lamp oil is limited and runs out quickly, so the human players must strategically balance their time between keeping an eye out for the ghost, scavenging for supplies, and searching for the safe zone. SteamLUG\'s Haunt game concept One of the things I wanted to have in Dance was no HUD and to present all the information that players would need in the environment itself. Part of that was a series of large screens on the walls which showed a top down view of the dancefloor. To speed things up, I used a render-to-texture script found in this tutorial, which creates a temporary render from a specified camera and updates a specified image with the result. Some more code arrived from my Dad, handling circular movemnt and character orientation. I spent the rest of the evening porting that across.
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