|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Dance: Day Six! (half day)
I was pretty worn out after the SteamLUG audiocast (which happens at 6:00 am for me), so I had a nap afterward and lost most of the day. I also had to get some stuff ready and announcements out for the Double Fine Game Club which would happen the next morning. I spent some time working on a main game loop/state machine for handling progression between game start, waiting for the player to join the dance, and so forth. At this point, the actual 7DFPS week had begun, so I wrote a post covering my first day and popped it up with some screenshots and sketches. Feeling like I probably wouldn't get stuff done by the end of my seventh day, I decided to cheer myself up a bit with an art pass over my background elements. I put proper columns, nicely rounded box seating, faux steps on the smaller doorways, and and modeled clothish drapery on the lower level, and Some hanging bannery type things and windows on the upper floor. I also added sconces with statues of the character model in them, which I think adds a bit more character. I didn't nail all the extra doodads and environmental bits and pieces I wanted to put in, but it was much nicer than the blocky placeholders I had in place and gave me a better idea of what kind of engine performance I could expect from more complex assets. My Dad dropped by for another chat and we went over what was and what wasn't achievable within the time we had left. We decided to not focus on some of the more complex movements that we'd talked about and instead make sure we nailed down moving clockwise, anti-clockwise, towards partners, away from partners and advancing to a new partner. Some Python code in Blender I put out a call for voice contributions on Facebook and Twitter asking for happy, neutral and sad/unimpressed variations of a greeting, a farewell and some kind of "hmm" sound. I received a couple of voice sets from people, which I put aside to look at after I'd implemented audio, and and got a lot of interest from people who said they didn't have microphones :D I'd touched base with Anton, who had previously expressed some interest in helping out with music for the game, but he hasn't had the availability he was hoping for. I spent some time hunting for appropriate placeholder music, but didn't really have much luck finding anything that fit. As this was my sixth day, I pulled an all nighter, fiddling with character orientation and porting more prototype code across from Java. Check here for downloads (when they become available) and other posts.
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