|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Dance: Day Seven! (half day)
I pulled up from my all nighter in time for the Double Fine Game Club in the morning. After that was over I felt pretty flakey, so I had a quick nap. My Dad had organised to show up at 10:00am and I got up when he arrived, but he had other things to do and I needed a bit more rest, so we decided to reconvene later in the afternoon. I spent some time prioiritising my todo list and fixed some input issues I was having - looking up and down was rotating the player's bounding box, making for some exciting collision behavior. I had a bit of trouble with player orientation (vector maths is not my strong point), which was causing my dancers to spin uncontrollably. I spent a lot of time struggling with it, and gave up, resorting to some hard coded quick fixes and planned to come back to it later. My Dad arrived later in the day and we worked on a bit more dance progression code which I ported across. I also implemented some interpolation to give smooth movement between dance states. I made some quick placeholder animations which I hoped would be readable. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on them when I still didn't have all my core mechanics nailed down. Menu concept for Dance I put together a quick main menu concept in Inkscape which looked like a flyer advertising a dance, and watched as my 7th day deadline whizzed by. I took some time out to chat with people in the 7DFPS IRC channel, being encouraging and supportive and offering a bit of advice here and there. There's always value in interacting with others, and it was nice to take a break for a little bit. Check here for downloads (when they become available) and other posts.
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