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Gameplay patch and Linux support
grepr has garnered a modest but promising amount of attention. Most notably, iDubbbzTV had some great things to say about it. (warning: language) I mostly agreed with his bigger complaints, so I made a few tweaks:
  • The terminal menu is now more simple and straightforward to operate
  • The enemy AWK drone is now larger and easier to spot
  • The third level, where the enemy AWK first appears, is now greatly simplified
  • Some glitchiness pertaining to the data node collision volume is now fixed
More importantly, the game now runs on Linux! It's 64-bit only at the moment, but everything seems to run just fine. If the game glitches on you, make sure you have libsdl2-2.0.0 installed. That's it for now. Thanks for reading!



It's done
I survived 7DFPS, barely. Here are some fascinating statistics:
  1. Days to create an FPS: 7
  2. Hours spent: 93
  3. Levels built: 5
  4. Lines of code written: 2313
  5. Hours to spare before deadline: 2
  6. Functioning brain cells remaining: approximately 4
  7. I’m happy with the result, though. Jack did a great job on the audio as usual, although at the last minute I had to throw in some clunky placeholder sfxr sounds. Blame me for those! Maybe we’ll replace them later. Here’s the game pitch: You are a “grepper” – a remote operator hired to collect data from abandoned cities using an AWK drone. At a time when data serves as currency, a competitor appears on the scene with an identical drone. Find her before she finds you. For the AWK drone, moving and shooting are the same. It attaches to walls, floors, and ceilings, then launches explosively to its next target. Anything in the way will have its whole day ruined. Here’s some screenshots: Download it here for Mac or PC and let me know what you think! And make sure to check out all the other great 7DFPS games. Mirrored on my blog



In Soviet Russia, you are bullet
In my 7dfps entry, moving and shooting are the same thing. Like this An older version Here's my favorite form of humor: physics glitches. Here's me getting killed: Here's a better shot of the city: Lots to do still. Mirrored on my blog
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