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Day 1 Progress
My project is started, though not as far along as I would have liked. I managed to get my core gameplay mechanic mostly built (node-based movement), but ran into major issues with the Unity 5 Beta. It would seem the SimpleMove function (as well as the Move function) on the Character Controller is broken. No matter what value I passed to it, it only moved right. I tried this in multiple projects and it kept failing. After reverting to Unity 4.6, it is again working with the same code. I guess we'll have to go back to the older version for this project, but we'll make it work. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a character modeled, and begin work on my melee combat system.



Hello World
Hello all! This is my first time attempting 7 day FPS, and I'm pretty excited to give it a shot. I've worked in other game jams (Ludum Dare and Global Game Jam), but never any that last quite so long, and I'm not sure I've ever really worked on a first person shooter project. I have an idea for a mobile-based first person shooter that bypasses the whole silly virtual twin-sticks setup, so I'm hoping to try that out for this project. My idea is a sort of node-based cover system, so it ends up being a kind of combination between a point and click and a rail shooter. Anyway, we'll see how it turns out. Tech-wise, I'll be using Unity as my engine. I've got a few plugins that I may or may not use, but if time allows I'd definitely like to integrate Photon networking for multiplayer. For asset creation, I have a sort of bizarre pipeline that I'll be using that involves Blender, GIMP, ZBrush, Fuse/Mixamo, and Poser. Most of my audio work will be done with FL Studio/Audacity, but I may use BFXR if I need some quick noises to fill in the blanks. I'm going to try to get my system configured to stream some of my programming work (http://www.twitch.tv/ghotifrye), but I probably won't stream any of my asset creation because I don't want people to know how terrible I am. (I'll let everyone just deduce that from the end results :P ). Anyway, cheers, and good luck to everyone! I look forward to seeing what kind of interesting FPS projects come out of this week.
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