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DUNGEN [star] - A paper-based first-person procedurally-generated dungeon-crawler.
After stumbling across the itch.io/jams page I decided I wanted to participate in a few of the jams running there but did not have much more than a few hours on Sunday to do so. Unfortunately one of them, the Paper Jam, was about to end the next day. I came up with a solution to this time constraint. I created a game for all three jams: this 7DFPS jam, the aforementioned Paper Jam and the Procedural Jam. The concept was simple. Create a game where you explore a randomly generated dungeon in the first person entirely on paper. The game can be found here: jctwood.itch.io/dungen and you can find me here: twitter.com/jctwood I also wanted to try and create a single player game. There aren't many out there other than solitaire in physical form. This game is aimed at a one player experience but experimentally for more than one. (Just print off a couple more protagonists). The set up is fairly easy and you only need to print off a couple of sheets. You have a health counter and ammo like most generic first person shooters. I wanted to add an element of strategy and so added a couple of interesting items and enemies. Having recently played a lot of Zelda I have started to appreciate the idea of mirroring items in enemy designs. Like the bomblings from twilight princess. One of the more common enemies in DUNGEN [star] is the Burster. If you miss the burster it will explode and destroy all the other items in the room. There is also an items, incentively named: the Bomb, which can be used to similar effect. The other enemy is the Gem which if missed will deal damage before teleporting (cut the deck of rooms) you to another room. The teleporter item can be used to escape a situation. I tried to keep the game rules light and encourage iteration. Unfortunately not many people have time to print off and play physical games but if anyone does I would be hugely excited to hear any feedback! Hope everyone has enjoyed the jam.
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