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Opera Sentai - Post Mortem stage 1
Our very first 7DFPS is over, and what a jam it was! You can play the game here: Opera Sentai on itch.io (how do you link the game to your own profile? My profile says no games...) Our idea of making "THE BEST MOBILE SHOOTER EVER" took us through many waypoints... >> Voice controls are a cool idea, but it's obvious why it hasn't been a "thing" yet. >> Microphone controls are hard to tune >> Cross-device compatibility is even harder to tune >> First time in Blender AND first time with lightmapping in Unity... We had to abandon lightmapping because we couldn't get Blender objects lit for reasons unknown. >> 7 days was deceptively long for a jam. It feels as though we may have done more with 48 hours without life getting in the way in between. >> Couldn't get enough of what we wanted into the game (of course). Overscoped! >> The irony of the controls being crappy in the mobile build WHEN we set out to build the "better" mobile FPS did not escape us. We simply didn't have time to dedicate to refining it :( Lessons aside, what we did manage to get into the game we felt superb about: >> Rough voice controls >> Mobile controls (though we had no time to refine them) >> Two classes of enemies, one shooty >> Four attack types via mints (Fieryball, Arctic Fresh, Power Mint, and Mentos) >> Variable attacks through voice (was gonna change it to pitch but again didn't have enough time) Thanks dear #7DFPS guys! It was a fantastic first jam!



Opera Sentai - Attempting to create the bestest mobile FPS by singing.
This is our first 7DFPS!! Super excited to be part of something so fantastic!! :D We set out to answer one question: Can we make a better mobile FPS? Because simply put, I have been feeling that every single mobile FPS, even the "best ones" fails at the controls, because aiming and shooting with that silly on-screen button at the same time is nearly impossible, and while novel, accelerometer aiming just isn't quite there yet. So we set out to find something to improve the mobile FPS experience and we think we found something interesting: that something was VOICE. But just slotting a voice controlled gun into a typical shooter didn't sit well with me, so the Opera Sentai concept was born! Sentai is japanese for the dudes like the Power Rangers :) A "Battle Team" edit: Better picture! Stuff we want to include: > Defeat evil minions with the power of voice! > Different types of attacks from lozenge power ups! > Waves of varieties of enemies! > Voice as a resource to be managed and spent! > Pitch controlling the power of your attack! (Right now it's volume, we are looking for how to change that) > Bluetooth or other multiplayer! (Can't be a Sentai by yourself!) > Diversity! (Fat Opera Man and Opera Woman are not ye typical heroes and I love that it's not a forced but a wonderful fit) > A fitting soundtrack which affects your attacks (if you match pitch you get bonuses... Or some such) There are many obstacles and we have probably over scoped as usual, especially considering it's our first time in Blender and mobile FPS controls and and and... But we'll go as far as we can without killing ourselves :p
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