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7DFPS 2014 Keynote
Get your 7DFPS 2014 Official Keynote injection here! 7DFPS ORG (LESDOODIS) Jan Willem Nijman ( http://vlambeer.com ) Sos Sosowski ( http://sos.gd ) Sven Bergstrom ( http://underscorediscovery.com ) STARRING Adam "doseone" Drucker (Samurai Gunn, Heavy Bullets) Pietro Righi Riva (mirrormoon EP) Devine Lu Linvega (oquonie, hiversaires, aliceffekt) Lisa Brown (Sunset Overdrive, Resistance 3) Robin Arnott (Antichamber, Soundself) Willy Chyr (Relativity) Jan Willem Nijman (Vlambeer, 7DFPS) Joe Robins (Unity) Steve Gaynor (Gone Home, Bioshock 2) Harvey Smith (Deus Ex, Dishonoured) Pohung Chen (Perspective) GAME logo video - Rob Storm in Intruder VIDEO Bram Ruiter ( http://bramruiter.nl ) WEBSITE Sven Bergström Sos Sosowski LOGO Cactus ( http://cactusquid.com ) MUSIC Cloack ( http://cloack.net ) THANKS Everyone who's participating LET'S DOO THISSS View Bonus Video ¯_(ツ)_/¯



7DFPS 2014 is over
Thanks for participating in 7DFPS 2014! There are a lot of amazing looking games and we are so glad you decided to join in! The submissions will stay open a little longer to account for timezones and other factors, but the third annual 7DFPS challenge has come to an end! Check out the hash tag (below), read and comment on the posts for the games, and view all the entries here. We hope everyone had an excellent time and we look forward to the outcomes of the games you made. Be sure to tweet @7dfps and post on the site for updates, news and features your games get so we can try to collate a press post, as we did last year. Thanks to all the license providers this year as well! Also thanks to all the keynoters, the jammers, the press, streamers and youtubers and the players. We look forward to seeing you playing and talking about the games, your post mortems, and your continuation of the projects like every year. LESSDOODIS next year Be Social - tweet @7dfps - hashtag #7dfps ----------------------- Welcome to 7DFPS 2014! It is time to break the rules, and reload everyone's favourite genre with a dose of innovation for the third annual 7DFPS challenge. Rules, FAQ, Theme Rules Make something. Theme There is no theme. FAQ Q: Can I - A: YES.. Keynote As always - the keynote video will be ready when its ready, sometime after the official timer starts. It will of course include a whole lot of good advice and antics from developers and us, the organizers with info about 7DFPS! Submissions One important change this year is that we have partnered with itch.io, an excellent digital market place to host the games. Once the jam has started you can submit your games from the big "GAMES" button in the main menu or from your profile tools, submit directly to itch.io! For everything else, feel free to post about your ideas, workspaces, screenshots and videos here as you work on your games. DEALS Thanks to the amazing supporters of 7DFPS : UNITY Unity is a great option for making jam games fast - get a free pro trial for 7DFPS. GET IT HERE FROM THE OFFICIAL UNITY SITE Official tweet, spread the word Take note that the key appears to have the same color as the background of the page! This is being looked into HEXELS Hexels is an innovative way to create art - for anyone to use. Endlessly inspiring, and a free pro edition during 7DFPS ! This is of the upcoming beta edition which features new spritesheets AND animations! Windows Mac GAME MAKER STUDIO Download: visit yoyogames Key: A3C32DE0-47D4-0132-9732-00259089258E Expires : 10 jan 2015 Exports : Windows+8, Android Test, Mac, Linux 7HFPS During the warmup phase as is tradition - 7HFPS took place. It happened over the weekend of Oct31 - Nov2 2014 - you can view the details and submissions here. MIX AND MATCH There are always jams that overlap, why not do one game for multiple jams?! Check out PROCJAM 2014 and go procedural! Check out 7DRL and go rogue...like! Streams Twitch.tv streams will show up in the list if you put "7dfps" in the description of your stream/broadcast. Don't forget to set your Playing to Game Development Hang out, and bring some friends - let's make and play awesome games. And remember - 7dfps is for everyone. Be excellent to each other. LESDOODIS



7DFPS Bonus Video
Just like teammates in a real FPS, two intruders are sent on a mission to change the world but not all of them are up for the task. !! VIEW OFFICIAL KEYNOTE HERE !! Check out the official keynote video here Created in: Intruder - tactical stealth fps (http://intruderfps.com) Made by: Rob Storm (http://superbossgames.com/) Sven Bergstrom (http://underscorediscovery.com) Music / Sound: link link link
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