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7DFPS 2014 Keynote
Get your 7DFPS 2014 Official Keynote injection here! 7DFPS ORG (LESDOODIS) Jan Willem Nijman ( http://vlambeer.com ) Sos Sosowski ( http://sos.gd ) Sven Bergstrom ( http://underscorediscovery.com ) STARRING Adam "doseone" Drucker (Samurai Gunn, Heavy Bullets) Pietro Righi Riva (mirrormoon EP) Devine Lu Linvega (oquonie, hiversaires, aliceffekt) Lisa Brown (Sunset Overdrive, Resistance 3) Robin Arnott (Antichamber, Soundself) Willy Chyr (Relativity) Jan Willem Nijman (Vlambeer, 7DFPS) Joe Robins (Unity) Steve Gaynor (Gone Home, Bioshock 2) Harvey Smith (Deus Ex, Dishonoured) Pohung Chen (Perspective) GAME logo video - Rob Storm in Intruder VIDEO Bram Ruiter ( http://bramruiter.nl ) WEBSITE Sven Bergström Sos Sosowski LOGO Cactus ( http://cactusquid.com ) MUSIC Cloack ( http://cloack.net ) THANKS Everyone who's participating LET'S DOO THISSS View Bonus Video ¯_(ツ)_/¯



7DFPS 2014 is over
Thanks for participating in 7DFPS 2014! There are a lot of amazing looking games and we are so glad you decided to join in! The submissions will stay open a little longer to account for timezones and other factors, but the third annual 7DFPS challenge has come to an end! Check out the hash tag (below), read and comment on the posts for the games, and view all the entries here. We hope everyone had an excellent time and we look forward to the outcomes of the games you made. Be sure to tweet @7dfps and post on the site for updates, news and features your games get so we can try to collate a press post, as we did last year. Thanks to all the license providers this year as well! Also thanks to all the keynoters, the jammers, the press, streamers and youtubers and the players. We look forward to seeing you playing and talking about the games, your post mortems, and your continuation of the projects like every year. LESSDOODIS next year Be Social - tweet @7dfps - hashtag #7dfps ----------------------- Welcome to 7DFPS 2014! It is time to break the rules, and reload everyone's favourite genre with a dose of innovation for the third annual 7DFPS challenge. Rules, FAQ, Theme Rules Make something. Theme There is no theme. FAQ Q: Can I - A: YES.. Keynote As always - the keynote video will be ready when its ready, sometime after the official timer starts. It will of course include a whole lot of good advice and antics from developers and us, the organizers with info about 7DFPS! Submissions One important change this year is that we have partnered with itch.io, an excellent digital market place to host the games. Once the jam has started you can submit your games from the big "GAMES" button in the main menu or from your profile tools, submit directly to itch.io! For everything else, feel free to post about your ideas, workspaces, screenshots and videos here as you work on your games. DEALS Thanks to the amazing supporters of 7DFPS : UNITY Unity is a great option for making jam games fast - get a free pro trial for 7DFPS. GET IT HERE FROM THE OFFICIAL UNITY SITE Official tweet, spread the word Take note that the key appears to have the same color as the background of the page! This is being looked into HEXELS Hexels is an innovative way to create art - for anyone to use. Endlessly inspiring, and a free pro edition during 7DFPS ! This is of the upcoming beta edition which features new spritesheets AND animations! Windows Mac GAME MAKER STUDIO Download: visit yoyogames Key: A3C32DE0-47D4-0132-9732-00259089258E Expires : 10 jan 2015 Exports : Windows+8, Android Test, Mac, Linux 7HFPS During the warmup phase as is tradition - 7HFPS took place. It happened over the weekend of Oct31 - Nov2 2014 - you can view the details and submissions here. MIX AND MATCH There are always jams that overlap, why not do one game for multiple jams?! Check out PROCJAM 2014 and go procedural! Check out 7DRL and go rogue...like! Streams Twitch.tv streams will show up in the list if you put "7dfps" in the description of your stream/broadcast. Don't forget to set your Playing to Game Development Hang out, and bring some friends - let's make and play awesome games. And remember - 7dfps is for everyone. Be excellent to each other. LESDOODIS



7DFPS Bonus Video
Just like teammates in a real FPS, two intruders are sent on a mission to change the world but not all of them are up for the task. !! VIEW OFFICIAL KEYNOTE HERE !! Check out the official keynote video here Created in: Intruder - tactical stealth fps (http://intruderfps.com) Made by: Rob Storm (http://superbossgames.com/) Sven Bergstrom (http://underscorediscovery.com) Music / Sound: link link link



First Screenshot!
At first, it sounds mad that it's taken 4 months to get to this point, but in-game screenshot support isn't something that's been a high priority for me. It's been difficult to find time to focus on Winter's Wake, but since my last post, I have managed to achieve a few bits and pieces that get the game closer to the kind of experience I want to convey. This includes:
  • Stereo positional audio support
  • Scene transitions
  • Timed events
  • Vertical orientation indicator (there's a placeholder "viewcone" type indicator in the screenshot above)
  • Mac support
  • Windows support
  • Action indicator icons
  • Screenshot support
Note that the game already ran and will always run on Linux first - that's my development platform :) There've also been a bunch of refactoring/structure changes that I've made along the way, and Henry has been on-and-off working on additional puzzle logic support (which I'm hoping to tidy up and integrate this weekend). In the short term, once the puzzle logic system is behaving well enough, I'll switch to focus on getting the game's first act up and happening for an early tech demo. From there, I'll probably move onto supporting additional input devices. I'm also planning to spend time making small single scene tests which re-create worthy locations from games, films and books as an exercise in exploring what aspects convey a sense of recognisable space. This should also help me refine my workflows and improve content creation tools. There's a bunch more UI functionality that I'd like to enhance and polish up, and a few unknown areas such as interactive dialogue that I need to dedicate time to assessing the viability of (they're super prominent in adventure games, but the UI that I'm building is necessarily simple to a point where selecting dialogue options will be tricky). One thing that the past four months have highlighted to me have been that there are too many other activities in my life for me to be able to give game development the kind of attention I'd like to, so I'm in the process of rebalancing things to allow me to focus on getting Winter's Wake ready for release. Part of this might involve a crowdfunding campaign, but I won't be able to push ahead with that until I can clearly demonstrate the type of gameplay and experiences I'm aiming to provide.



Backdoor Postmortem
Finally made a post about the many issues in releasing Backdoor. http://enemby.freeiz.com/blog/backdoor-in-article-and-postmortem/



Gameplay patch and Linux support
grepr has garnered a modest but promising amount of attention. Most notably, iDubbbzTV had some great things to say about it. (warning: language) I mostly agreed with his bigger complaints, so I made a few tweaks:
  • The terminal menu is now more simple and straightforward to operate
  • The enemy AWK drone is now larger and easier to spot
  • The third level, where the enemy AWK first appears, is now greatly simplified
  • Some glitchiness pertaining to the data node collision volume is now fixed
More importantly, the game now runs on Linux! It's 64-bit only at the moment, but everything seems to run just fine. If the game glitches on you, make sure you have libsdl2-2.0.0 installed. That's it for now. Thanks for reading!



Hover Drive: A 1 Day First Person Game (sources + slideshow available)
  • Post 1 (start of 7DFPS)
  • Post 2 (end of 7DFPS)
  • Bonus Post (this post)
  • Post 3 (first screenshot)
This weekend, I gave a talk for my local LUG on creating a simple game from scratch using SDL2 and OpenGL. I had hoped that my 7DFPS text adventure would be the focus of this talk, but since it's still a little way off (I've continued development past 7DFPS, but it's still not quite at a point where I feel it can speak for itself - stay tuned though, I'm hoping to have some early builds up within the next week or so), I switched gears and spent Friday using the things I've learned whilst working on my 7DFPS game to make something new. In addition to first person camera controls, I wanted to cover 3D translation and rotation so that I could talk about the way that OpenGL handles these. Rather than focusing on first person movement, I decided to do a little radio controlled car sim, where players would move a vehicle through a scene whilst watching from a fixed viewpoint. As it came together, I realised that I hadn't bothered to stop the car - at this point it was a blue block - from turning when its speed was zero. Instead of fixing that, I embraced it and decided to make the vehicle a hovercraft (which also made modeling a little easier). In the course of about 7 hours, the game was more or less in the state it's in now. Save for the OBJ loader and a half dozen lines in the middle of the rendering function which I copied from my text adventure, everything was written on the Friday. I knocked the 3D assets together in around an hour in Blender, pulled a fan sound from Freesound.org, and used a super funky track by Kevin MacLeod, and the little game went from being a bunch of floating cubes to something more interesting. For the talk, I gave an overview of what SDL2 and OpenGL are, focusing on windowing, input and rendering, did a brief code walkthrough and then talked about planning and game design as people had some hands on time with this and several other games I've made. All up, Hover Drive is a long way shy of a finished game (and it's got a fairly significant bug with rendering normals that nobody seemed to notice on the day), but it sufficed for the talk I gave, and it was a bunch of fun to work on. The source code (with comments!), Blender source files and the slideshow I gave my talk against are all up on Hover Drive's GitHub page, along with builds for Linux and Windows which should have all of the deps that aren't likely to be installed on an OS by default. I'll have a Mac build up as soon as I sort out my MBA's busted GCC install. Surprisingly, the game seems to be more enjoyable in its current state than I expected it to be. Even without collisions, environmental variation, objectives and other things that I feel a game like this would need, people seem to just enjoy driving around. I guess that's why people buy radio controlled cars :D



Flipget: UPDATE GET!
After a week of people playing Flipget, some minor issues came to light, so I decided to sort them out today. This update includes: -Wider area for picking up bombs, so it is much easier to pick them up w/out the reticle being exactly on them. -Pause menu with mouse sensitivity slider. -Slightly smoother and slower rotations for less jarring platforming. -Enemy health changes. -Shrank UI to be less intrusive. Anyways. Thanks everyone who checked it out, and I hope anyone who reads this will give it a try. It seems to average about 10 minutes of play time. Click here to go to the game's page



ENDLESS EXPRESS — post-mortem
by flrn
a screenshot taken at 3:37 in the morning: the game's in real-time! Our little team of developers consists of buddies from very different horizons. Alexandre comes from a movie background, currently working on a short film; Felix is an illustrator usually doing a lot of screenprinting, and Martin is an audio-artist and makes computer music with his band Salut C'est Cool. Florian is actually the only one who made narrative-focused games before the challenge. All we knew was that we wanted to make something together, having similar cultural references and what not. We decided to take the 7DFPS challenge as an opportunity to see how we would work together and what kind of stuff we would be able to come up with in 7 days. The first challenge was to find an idea we all agreed upon. We wanted to do a game that forces the player to focus on its surroundings, since most of us were more comfortable with visual work. We wanted the player to have a clear and simple goal that is easily understandable, yet somewhat challenging to reach, without the challenge taking too much of the player's "processing power". We wanted to keep people engaged while getting them to focus on the act of contemplating their surroundings. And somehow, we thought of using public transportation. This allowed us to give the player a clear goal (going home), make their ability to achieve this somewhat of a challenge (learn to read the timetable & be there on time), while allowing some down time to walk around and check out the environment and story stuff. Alright, so we were set, ready to start working. We all have different and complementary abilities, Felix worked on developing the 2D assets, designed the characters (we could make a pocket monster game with all the characters he came up with) and made some concept art. Martin worked on the music for the trainstations based off of very vague descriptions, in between concerts. Alexandre has some 3D modeling background and worked on the stations, though for rendering purposes, so some quick adapting to making assets for interactive media had to be done. He also worked on the narrative aspect of the game, writing all the text and (in the end unused) dialogue for characters. Florian did the scripting, helped out making the 3D assets and worked on the general feel of the "switching trains as narrative interaction" thing. We hit some hurdles mainly because of the learning curve, as most of us have not worked for interactive content before. The integration of 2D art was also a little bump in the road, as it's not easy to get it to look right. We thought of fixing the camera rotation like is done in older-school FPSes like Doom, to allow for a correct angle of the characters from any player-controlled angle. We dismissed that idea in the end because we kinda play with verticality in some scenes (even more so during development). We also worked on characters a lot. About 80% was sadly left out at the end of the jam version, because of the 7 day constraint. The characters are inspired by Yokai, japanese ghosts or metaphors of objects and events. We wanted to enable the player to interact with them, having them talk to you and stuff. There also was an idea for an in-game camera, so you could take pictures of the characters and have ghosts appear on the final pictures. These pictures were simply screen-grabs that'd be saved to the player's desktop in a folder bearing the game's name. In the end, we were not able to implement most of the characters, and the camera was nearly done but we decided against it as it would lose its meaning if the stations were as empty as they now are. A collection of 2D assets, a whole lot of which we didn't have time to integrate for the challenge Despite the fact that we barely touched upon all the ideas we wanted to put in this game, we're glad with what we have ended up with. The game's been talked about rather positively, and the people who are interested in this type of experience seem to understand that it's a game about "waiting" in order to make a game about "contemplating". We really think this game might become something interesting if we work a little more on it, and so we will. We wish to turn this more into an exploration and adventure game, and are now preoccupied with pacing and getting the story right. We'll probably redo the scenes seen in the current version of the game, and have learned for choices we made during the jam. We hope to work on it in February, as we'll all have some more time then. Thanks for playing the game if you have, here's the link to it if you haven't yet ;)
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