August 10-17
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First person bullet hell in 7 hours

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We were able to get the majority of our ideas for this prototype done within the 7 hours. First person bullet hell shooter where you're locked to a circular path around a boss that has different firing patterns and changing weak spots. We might develop it further in the future, was a fun way to kill 7 hours in anticipation of the 7 day FPS next week.
tyen says...
I like it, it's a bit hard to tell sometimes why you died though. With the bullets coming straight at you it makes it a little difficult to predict where they will be. Love the concept :)
danbo says...
I wonder how well this would work with Oculus Rift...
Chronodrax says...
Wow, this was really fun to play :p It lacks a better control over progressive difficulty though. The semi-random bullets at start are already hard to dodge : some more identifiable pattern at start would have been better (I'm thinking about bullet patterns like in the Touhou series), the difficulty coming from the combination of all the patterns added through time. When the boss weak parts are at the bottom the game is easier too. Well that didn't prevent me from dying countless times trying again and again to score over 250pts :D (I stopped with a high score at 239)
JW says...
very cool! needs a bit more clarity on collision/slower enemy bullets but this is a lot of fun!
MattCarr says...
Thanks for the feedback guys. While I'm happy with what we managed to do in the time, it definitely is only a pretty raw prototype at this stage. The main things we'd do if we spent more time on it besides graphical and UI stuff are: - Ramping difficulty - Randomly spawning power-ups - Warnings for which weapons are about to fire - Sounds/music - Tweaked bullet collision to reduce/remove the difficulty in avoiding bullets off screen when moving - More/different bullet patterns We have an entirely different game planned for the 7DFPS so we won't be working on it further straight away. Getting feedback is motivating and makes me think we should spend some time in a couple of weeks to finish it up as a more complete experience. So thanks for checking it out and any more ideas are very welcome.
JellyCakes says...
That was pretty cool, I liked the art style. Made look really good. Gameplay was a little tricky but still decent. Nice one.
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