Can I Run It?

Do you want to find out the games that your PC can run? Just enter the CPU, RAM, OS, and GPU and we’ll list all the games that are compatible with your computer system.

Enter 4 things to find out the number of games your PC can run!



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How to use the tool?

  1. Find out your computer specifications. (Windows) / Mac Specifications)
  2. In our tool, choose the operating system.
  3. Enter your CPU (Make sure that it matches with the specs from step 1)
  4. Enter your GPU (Make sure that it matches with the specs from step 1)
  5. Enter the amount of RAM
  6. Click on “What Games Can My PC Run?” to see the list of games you can play using your current computer system.

How Does It Work?

Our system requirements checker takes your input and compares it with system requirements of 38623 games and lists down all the games that your PC can run.

Internally it does the following:

  1. Checks if the required OS and the entered OS are a match!
  2. Compares the entered CPU with the required CPU (Also does Intel vs AMD comparison, so you don’t have to worry if you have an equivalent AMD processor)
  3. Compares the entered GPU with the minimum required GPU.
  4. Checks if the RAM is above the minimum required.

All of the above things in a matter of mili-seconds and a button click. Isn’t it blazing fast?

The search result is by default sorted based on the popularity of the games, but you can choose the game genre you want from the search page and you’ll get the compatible games in that genre. Isn’t it a really good way to find the games that might interest you?.

Dedicated Game System Requirements Page

You can browse through the dedicated game pages to find out the minimum & recommended system requirements to run that game, one games in that genre, and other interesting details about the game. In case you input your system specifications before visiting page, instead of showing recommended specs, we’ll compare the game specs with your system’s specifications.

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