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Let the walls guide you

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Hey, I'm @bftd. After I spent 5 of the 7 days on a very wide-scope FPS-of-my-dreams and realized that I won't have it anywhere near done or playable by that point, I went with an idea from the other side of the spectrum. So here's SLEPO. A small quest for redemption in near absence of visual stimuli. It's short, nigh impenetrable, and can get enthralling and infuriating at the same time. A few things to note: - despite the quite horror-ific buildup and mood, you can be sure there's no cheap jump scares in the game. Basically, there is no one at all in the game but you and the dark around you. - don't deny yourself the only sense you can rely on in SLEPO (which is hearing), and use a good pair of headphones to play. Thank you, and please enjoy. SLEPO by @bftd Additional sound design by Ivan Petrov UPD: fixed the Windows build DL link UPD2: fixed the Linux build -_-'
RadJor says...
I got drawn in. Nice sounds and music.
Zebrazilla says...
Intriguing idea and execution! I like it! I did feel a quite high degree of presence. Only downside I can think of is that when you reach the walkways that you can fall down from, you can after a while distinguish quite easily the difference between where it is safe to walk and where it isn't; simply by looking at the garbled/filtered screen and seeing a slight tint of greyish. I would've recommended to not have the ground show up, making it invisible and having you rely only on the sounds from your feet. The ground colliders would have sufficed. That said, this is till very nicely done - all the way from the idea to the execution. Ambiance is fantastic, sounds are perfect!
Sparks says...
Very interesting, love the background sounds, creepy indeed. It kind of feels like being stuck in a nightmare. The immersion was effective.
Cheeseness says...
Really atmospheric and well executed! Thanks for providing a Linux build! :D
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