August 10-17
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A non-combative first person puzzle/strategy game (updated August 21st, 7th day build in description).

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If you're running Mac OS, you may find that mouse control lags. The Mac version has also been updated to run at a fixed resolution for better performance. Under Mac OS, Blender currently has some bugs relating to input capture which cause keystrokes (which i've worked around) and mouse movement (which I haven't) to be misread. This may be more pronounced on less powerful machines. This also makes me very sad :( In Dance (pronounced with a long "ah"), you are a participant in a progressive dance. Your goal is to be paired with a particular partner. You do this by choosing to swap (Z) or not (Ctrl) with your current partner to control your movement through the dance. Dance is a game about observing patterns and making strategic binary decisions based on what you learn. In some ways it might be a little like a sliding block puzzle where all the parts are already moving. The links above represents the game on its 14th day of development (I started early). A .blend file of my 7th Day version can be found here. Note that you need Blender 2.66 or greater to run it (it'll work on Windows, Mac OS and Linux). Open the file up and press P with the mouse in the center of the window. Development posts: Feel free to also check out FLAT, the game I worked on for the 2012 7DFPS Challenge.
Now that sounds promising. I wil be sure to check your updates.
mzandvliet says...
Like the concept! Updating blender and giving this a go. Isn't it possible to compile Blender games to something that does not require blender to run them? That would make it loads easier for folks to try this. :)
Cheeseness says...
There 's a plugin that will build a single standalone binary (which includes Blender). I think that rather than do that, I might create a platform generic package which contains the Blender player for all platforms. I'm also considering experimenting with the web player for Blender that apparently exists. I was pretty beat yesterday and didn't have time to get that done. Expect something within the next couple of days :)
Geminosity says...
I love the theme of this soooo much, and it was surprisingly easy to run :3
Cheeseness says...
Yay, thank you ^_^
AndrewAPrice says...
I really wanted to try this out and downloaded this, cool music, but it wouldn't work. I had the weirdest issue where the graphics would only show a new frame if I alt-tabed out of it and back in. Keep up the good work.
Cheeseness says...
Yeah weird, what platform are you on and what kind of hardware are you running?
AndrewAPrice says...
64-bit Windows 7, 4GB memory, with an nVidia graphics card.
sleep says...
love it and want to see more
Cheeseness says...
@sleep: Thanks! :D @AndrewAPrice: Hmm. Interesting. If you download Blender from and open the file up from the Data folder, then press P with the mouse in the middle of the screen, does it behave the same?
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