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To Shooter, With Guilt
by lightnarcissus | submitted for 7dfps |



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First Person Meets Bullet-Hell where Your Bullets are your enemies

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You are a soldier and it is your moral duty and responsibility to kill the person in the *enemy* uniform. A person just like you. Combining bullet patterns and emphasizing movement and dodge while shooting, it combines FPS with bullet hell but doesn't make it all simple. Your dead foes come back to haunt you. Walking slowly to your position -- every bullet you shoot returns back to you. How will YOU handle the guilt? You have five minutes... NOTE: The build can be slow on older GPUs. Team: Coded,Developed,Animated,Rigged,Music by Ansh Concept by Ansh and Aram
liked by deathgrippe
deathgrippe says...
I LOVE your concept. It's the best one I've seen so far. I can't wait to play it :)
FreeLives says...
I think I might have enjoyed this more without the belabored explanation. "I AM THE AUTHOR, THIS IS HOW YOU WILL INTERPRET MY WORK, YOU WILL APPRECIATE IT IN THE SAME WAY THAT I DO". I did discover it is possible to exit the game arena entirely, seemed like the best thing to do, and it may say something about my attitudes to war (and I think it's super cool that this game allowed me to express that).
FreeLives says...
(Though I felt this game was far more about horror and disorientation than guilt)
gheeDough says...
The OS X version doesn't work on Mountain Lion...
lizzip says...
oohmy I found this quite creepy, but awesome
Geminosity says...
I tried this on the webplayer and as far as I could tell I was invulnerable? I didn't seem to be getting hurt by anything :s
LokisSword says...
Initially I thought same as Gem above, but I think you just die and respawn immediately - thus getting the "Our ride will be here in 5 minutes" audio again. Am I supposed to be able to kill the green cloud / purple dominoes? I could tell if it was me that was killing them or they were blowing up.
@LokiSword -- You are correct. The death and respawn sequence got timed very quickly which is why many think "death" doesn't happen. The "green cloud" is the portal which shoots back bullets at you and it appears when you shoot the dead folk. There is no killing them. The wise thing would be simply to run from them. As for the purple dominoes, they are released by normal enemies and they can be killed.
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