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How to avoid being banned in Clash of Clans
If you know the term "I banned" certainly also know that you've done something you should not . And it comes from the verb ban , which in English means ban. It is neither more nor less than the veto that some games give their users when they fail to meet their standards or do anything that jeopardizes the balance raised by its developers. Something that strategy games for mobile much is given, and Clash royale cheats knows very well how to avoid. That is why, for several months, come by banning / forbidding even for life replayability their titles to those who cross the line. But where are the limits? How to avoid being banned in Clah of Clans ? The answer is simple: the fair play and fair play . Just stop by the policies and conditions of use of Clash of Clans to have a very clear map of what not to do. The overview would not install patches, hacks and programs trastoquen or change the game parameters . Basically it means: play the game as it is . However, there are many other practices that may jeopardize your participation in these securities. Here are all these things you should not do if you want to play: Do not use changes From Supercell , creators of Clash of Clans , claim that the use of hacks, modifications, script, bots and ultimately, third - party software , is prohibited. And they are very clear on this issue for several issues. The most obvious is that unbalances the game and create inequalities between players defending or face other villages. However, it is also a compelling reason the possibility of compromising user privacy . And there are programs and applications that can steal user data and jeopardize the accounts of other players. At the moment there are applications and tools to look for certain villages to attack and get to maximize the benefits of an attack. However, its use is punishable by those responsible for this game. Do not sell gems or pick on the game economy There are websites that offer fraudulent sales service gold coins and gems . The idea is simple, you pay your money and you give user data in exchange for these websites or users buy gems and content with stolen credit cards for your own. Needless to say , this practice not only puts at risk your account as a player , but it can affect the financial security of others . A practice that Supercell penalty with the dreaded ban . Not buy or sell gaming accounts Another practice that can be taken to achieve rapid progress in Clash of Clans is the buying and selling accounts . Thus, some players offer own accounts advanced levels . Of course there is no guarantee in exchange. First it can be a complete fraud , paying for something you'll never get. Secondly, there is no way to ensure that account has the level and privileges that is offered . Third, one account may be sold to several people . In short, a practice that does not ensure you enjoy those privileges and losing the support of Supercell to have been compromised. Something that, again, may end in a ban.
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